P90X Cardio X vs. Insanity Pure Cardio

I recently started Round 2 of P90X and I have been substituting Insanity workouts in place of the P90X cardio workouts.  For the past couple of weeks,  I have really enjoyed the intensity of Insanity Pure Cardio and I wanted to do a comparison for you guys vs. P90X Cardio X.

Insanity Pure Cardio is 39 minutes of high intensity.  The warmup before the stretch is more of a workout than most.  The warmup consists of 3 rounds of running in place,  jumping jacks, heismans, switch kicks, mummy kicks.  My heart rate had reached the 150s by the end of the 10 minute warmup.  Finally, the 6 minute stretch comes and you get to stretch and bring your heart rate down .  Then at the end of the stretch super fit Shaun T. says “are y’all as nervous as me about what’s to come?” Then he takes it up a notch for the next 15 minutes with routines like suicides, switch kicks, stance jacks, power jacks, push-up jacks, suicide jumps, power jumps, mountain climbers, etc.  You know that you are doing an advanced workout when the trainers doing the program with Shaun T. are taking breaks throughout the workout.  My heart rate averages in the low 140s bpm and peaks at the low 190s bpm during this workout.  I’m 45 so that is pretty high for an old guy like me.  Finally, it ends with a 6 minute stretch and are you are glad you survived!

P90X Cardio X is 43 minutes of moderate intensity.  The warmup is 3 minutes of running in place, jumping jacks, run lunges, and quad and hamstring stretches. The workout provides variety and exposure to other P90X workouts.   First you will start out with routines from Yoga X.  Tony Horton explains that Yoga is great warmup to  get the muscles ready for activity.  Next, you will move into Kenpo, which is a variety of kicks and punches.  I really enjoy this workout and it is great ab workout without doing crunches. Next, you take it up a notch and move into the Plyometrics or jump training. This part of the workout will take your heart rate up to it peak.   Finally, the workout ends with core synergistic routines, which are designed to strengthen and work the core.  This is followed by a cool down and stretch. During this workout , I averaged in the high 120s bpm and peaked around 170 bpm.

I wanted to provide this comparison, but the reality is the two workouts were designed for two different purposes.  P90X Cardio X is a supplemental workout that can be used to add a moderate workout to P90X Classic or as a reduced workout if you are not ready or need a break from P90X Plyometrics.  Insanity Pure Cardio is one of the core cardio workouts  of the Insanity program.  If I had not completed P90X before attempting Insanity Pure Cardio, I would not be able to complete the workout.

I hope this comparison of P90X Cardio X vs. Insanity Pure Cardio helps you decide which program is right for you.  If you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear from you.

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Hello, Coach Tod here. I'm an independent beachbody coach and I have had great success with Power90 and Shakeology. Beachbody has given me a whole new perspective on life and I'm here to help others reach their fitness goals.
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2 Responses to P90X Cardio X vs. Insanity Pure Cardio

  1. JO says:

    I haven’t done P90X. I’m in the last 2 weeks of Insanity. It is very appropriately named. The best way to describe Insanity for me is a description I saw on a forum – talking about how hard and intense it is that even the people on the video are unable to keep proper form for majority of the exercise. This bothers me only because I’m such a stickler for form. ShaunT is all about push! Push! Push! But even his form fails more than it should for the level of fitness and international renown that he is at. When I compare my fit test numbers with those of others, my numbers are surprisingly lower (surprising to me) but I really think it’s a form thing. I focus more on form than perhaps most? ANYHU. That’s my two cents. It is a GREAT program and certainly not for everyone. I’m hitting major plateau and will be glad to be done in 2 weeks. It’s really tedious to make every single day – six days a week – all about push push push!!!!!!! Bod needs to rest.

    I’m off my soap box now :) Happy New Year Tod!

    • CoachTod says:

      Hey Jo, sorry for the delayed response. I’m behind on responding to comments. I just completed P90X round 2 with Insanity Pure Cardio inserted on all the none P90X strength training days. I enjoyed it as it was a nice mix of strength training and intense cardio. I’m getting ready to start P90X round 3 on Monday (with more Insanity workouts). I’m leading 3 Beachbody challenge groups now via private FB pages. It is really rewarding helping others to reach their fitness goals and is a great motivator for me as well. I cannot hold someone else accountable to fitness and nutrition without first holding myself accountable.

      Take care and hope your 2012 is off to a great start!

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